Shar's Scrimshaw - Original, Handetched, Signatured, Scrimshaw Nautical & Wildlife Art / Sterling Silver-Shell Inlay / Polynesian Style & Nautical Jewelry

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Hand-Etched, Authentic, Original, Signatured, Nautical and Wildlife Scrimshaw Art Knives by Shar, "Hawaii's Finest Contemporary Scrimshaw Artist," and her team of Artists. This art form is done using the same method as the early day whaler's, from where this art form originated in the early 1800's, when sailors would etch designs on whale ivory to make gifts for their loved ones back home.  A biography with a photo of the artist, Shar, is provided with each purchase. 

                     < Custom orders are welcome >

Which includes rehandled pre-ban Elephant Ivory handles on custom Buck, Protech, and other custom made knives from the best knife makers in the country. Samples below:


  Scrimshaw Knives with White Smooth Bone Handles

 440 Stainless Steel Blade(s) and Nickel Silver Bolsters,

unless otherwise stated.               

Sheaths can be ordered individually for each size knife, we offer two sheath styles for different size knives as described at the bottom of this page.

         Dealers please Inquire about Wholesale Prices

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   Dozens of styles available. Animal and Nautical Designs. 

Prices include Domestic air mail delivery. For international delivery, add $24.50 for registered air mail, and $2.00 for each additional item. Purchaser of these knives must be at least 18 years of age, and in compliance with all Local, State, and Federal laws. Sorry, no shipments to The United Kingdom or Ireland.

   To make a purchase > Simply send us an email using the contact button above, and state the following information:

(1) Your name & mailing address.

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(3) The Item # (s) or designs you wish to purchase.

(4) Method of Payment (Paypal or Money Order)

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We have many other scrimshaw knives available for purchase

and will email photos to you upon request.


Our Featured Knife of the Month available for purchase. Please contact us for payment and shipping details:

A double sided Scrimshaw 4" -  2 blade smooth bone folder, Rough Rider Brand Baby, Sunfish by "Mau" / available @ $199.95


A charging Tiger Shark & A Giant Octopus by Shar. sold

A Top of The Line German Bull brand Skinner, handmade in Germany. An 8 1/2" overall length, with a 4" upswept stainless steel skinning blade, nickel silver bolsters, and white smooth bone handles, with a genuine brown leather Belt sheath. Sold




Buck 110- Custom Folder with pre-ban elephant ivory handles.

These are samples of a recent works. Custom orders are welcome. Prices range from $1800 to $2400. Please inquire for price quotes on custom orders. BENGAL TIGER.

Saber Tooth Tiger - side view - custom Buck folder


Pair of Saber Tooth Tigers -on custom Buck folder



Moose - on custom Protech folder


Sea Dragon - Swiss Army Executive knife Rehandled with pre-ban Elephant Ivory.


Howling Wolf - on custom Buck Folder


Black Panther- on Custom Protech folder

The Ferocious Lion -another design to be placed on knife handles

Longhorn Steer desert scene - on custom Buck folder

Rattle Snake - on Protech custom folder

Wild Turkey - on custom Protech folder


A Top of the Line Handmade "German Bull" brand Skinner. Handmade in Germany, this Skinner is 8 1/2" overall length, with a 4" upswept skinning blade and white smooth bone handles, with a genuine brown leather belt sheath.

With exquisite scrimshaw art on both sides of handles as shown in the sample photos below.


A Custom Buck 110 folder, Micarta Handles, with a Scrimshaw design of a Brown Bear catching a salmon. Sample of a recent work. Custom orders welcome.

The "Rum Runner" 

On a Rough Rider brand 5" closed length "Big Daddy Barlow."

Elephant ToeNail 4" closed length -with Eagle scenes on front and back sides of knife handles.



Elephant ToeNail 4" closed length, with Owl scenes on front and back sides of knife handles.


                                   Charging Puma


                                   Tiger in The Grass


                           Tiger in the Bamboo Patch


                        Eagle Portrait - Wings Forward


                                 Ele Royal Lion


                              Ele Kissing Lions


Custom Buck - Rehandled Ivory-Lion Scene

Parrot in color - Pre-ban elephant Ivory on Custom Buck folder


Polynesian Voyaging Canoe with Nautical Rose compass on Back side, both designs with Polynesian Tapa print stye patterns.




      Rough Rider "Elephant ToeNail" 4" Closed length

                    Item # SCKN - Ele -1 SOLD

      Rough Rider "Elephant ToeNail" 4" Closed Length

                       Item # SCKN - Ele - 2    SOLD

       Rough Rider "Elephant ToeNail" 4" Closed Length

                      Item # SCKN - Ele -3  SOLD



          Rough Rider "Elephants ToeNail" 4" closed length

                      Item # SCKN - ELE - 4  SOLD

     Rough Rider "Elephants ToeNail" 4" Closed Length

                 Item # SCKN - ELE - 5 / SOLD

           Rough Rider "Coke Bottle" 5 1/2" Closed Length

                    Item # SCKN - Coke - 1 SOLD 


          Rough Rider "Coke Bottle" 5 1/2" Closed Length

                    Item # SCKN - Coke -2 @ SOLD


           Rough Rider "Coke Bottle" 5 1/2" Closed Length

                   Item # SCKN - Coke - 3 Sold


           Rough Rider "Coke Bottle" 5 1/2" Closed Length

                   Item # SCKN - Coke - 4 SOLD


           Rough Rider "Coke Bottle" 5 1/2" Closed Length

                  Item # SCKN - Coke - 5

A Family of Florida Manatees.


         Rough Rider "Big Daddy Barlow" 5" Closed Length

                    Item # SCKN - BD - 1 SOLD


         Rough Rider "Big Daddy Barlow" 5" Closed Length

                   Item # SCKN - BD -2 @ SOLD


           Rough Rider " Big Daddy Barlow" 5" Closed Length

                      Item # SCKN - BD -3 SOLD

Notice the Detail of Fishermen on the shore.


     The Following are examples of other styles previously sold.  

Special orders can be submitted for your designs or our designs on any of our knife styles. Please contact us for details:

              contact us:



                               Eagle Portrait


                              Kissing Lions



                           The Royal Lion


                                Tiger Cubs


  "Tiger Shark" on a 5" Big Daddy Barlow



         Rough Rider "Coke Bottle" 5 1/2" closed length

      Ship with Treasure Chest/ Pirate's Sword with Roses



           Rough Rider "Large Leg Knife" 4" Closed length


                                 Item # SCKN - 4


                        Rough Rider "Muskrat"

                              Temporarily Out of Stock

                                   Item # SCKN - 5


           Rough Rider "Diablo" -  3" closed length 

                   Item # SCKN - 6 



           Rough Rider "Leopard"  3 3/4 closed length

                                  Item # SCKN - 7


            Tom Anderson Designed  3" Closed length

                              "Mini Razor"

                               Item # SCKN - 8


     Rough Rider "Small Leg Knife" 3 1/8" closed length

                                 Item # SCKN - 9


             Logo Key Chain Knife  2 1/4" closed length

                "With your wording inscribed"  

                                 Item # SCKN -10



        Scrimshaw Rough Rider brand  4 1/2" closed length

         "Marlin Spike" with White Smooth Bone Handles  

                               Item # SCKN -11



"Schrade Primo" 7" overall length fixed blade with Toll Kit


                                   Item # SCKN - 12



Rough Rider "Lockback" 3 5/8" closed length @

                                   Item # SCKN - 13



      Rough Rider "Barlow" 3 3/8" closed length @

                                  Item # SCKN - 15




Available in Black or Natural Brown > Basketweave Leather sheath with embossed basket weave design, snap down closure on the front, and a belt loop on the back. Priced at $15.00 each for all sizes. Shipping included.

3" to 3 1/2" closed length knives ------- Item # SHBW3.0

3 1/2" to 4" closed length knives------- Item # SHBW4.0

4 1/2" to 5 1/4 " closed length knives - Item # SHBW5.0


Black Cordura, nylon sheaths, with a velcro closure on the front, and a belt loop on the back. Priced at $7.00 each for all sizes, shipping included.

Up to 3" closed length knives-------------- SHCD3.0

Up to 4" closed length knives-------------- SHCD4.0

Up to 5" closed length knives-------------- SHCD5.0


 The following Scrimshaw Bone handle Money Clips are by Shar. The Money Clip is on the back side, and a stainless steel Knife Blade and Finger Nail File folds out from the sides. A comforatble fit in the pocket at a 2 1/8" length.

                         All have Sold 

       SHMC -1                                     SHMC -2


           SHMC - 3                            SHMC -4 sold


          SHMC -5

                    SHMC -6

              SHMC -7


                         Back Side of Money Clip


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